Sample correlation with gene expression

Description Sample correlation of ChIP-seq data with gene expression. Gene expression information was taken from an RNA-seq experiment in mouse ES-Bruce4 cells performed by the Ren Lab for the ENCODE project. Expression was quantified using FPKM by the Cufflinks analysis packaged. FPKM values for each RefSeq gene were used as a sort vector with RefSeq TSSs used as a feature list. Analysis was run with ChIP-seq data in ES-Bruce4 cells.
Anchor center
Bin start -2500
Number of bins 50
Bin size 100
Genome assembly mm9
Date created Sept. 19, 2016, 5:20 p.m.
Date updated Dec. 16, 2016, 1:52 p.m.
Feature list mm9_RefSeq_TSSs
Sort vector RenLab RNAseq
User datasets <none>
ENCODE datasets
  • wgEncodeLicrTfbsEsb4CtcfME0C57bl6StdSig
  • wgEncodeLicrHistoneEsb4H3k27me3ME0C57bl6StdSig
  • wgEncodeLicrTfbsEsb4P300ME0C57bl6StdSig
  • wgEncodeLicrHistoneEsb4H3k4me1ME0C57bl6StdSig
  • wgEncodeLicrTfbsEsb4Pol2ME0C57bl6StdSig
  • wgEncodeLicrHistoneEsb4H3k36me3ME0C57bl6StdSig
  • wgEncodeLicrHistoneEsb4H3k27acME0C57bl6StdSig
  • wgEncodeLicrHistoneEsb4H3k4me3ME0C57bl6StdSig
  • wgEncodeLicrHistoneEsb4H3k09me3ME0C57bl6StdSig
  • wgEncodeLicrHistoneEsb4H3k09acME0C57bl6StdSig