Sample characterization of enhancers and promoters

Description Sample characterization of enhancers and promoters in mouse ES cells. TSSs were found by applying TSScall ( to a Start-seq dataset from mouse ES cells (Williams et al. Mol Cell (2015); GSE43390). Analysis was run with RNA-seq and ChIP-seq data from ES-Bruce4 cells. Input controls were not included in analysis.
Anchor center
Bin start -2500
Number of bins 50
Bin size 100
Genome assembly mm9
Date created Sept. 21, 2016, 9:50 a.m.
Date updated Dec. 16, 2016, 1:40 p.m.
Feature list mESC 2016-06-29 cluster rep TSSs
Sort vector <none>
User datasets <none>
ENCODE datasets
  • wgEncodeLicrTfbsEsb4CtcfME0C57bl6StdSig
  • wgEncodeLicrHistoneEsb4H3k27me3ME0C57bl6StdSig
  • wgEncodeLicrTfbsEsb4P300ME0C57bl6StdSig
  • wgEncodeLicrHistoneEsb4H3k4me1ME0C57bl6StdSig
  • wgEncodeLicrTfbsEsb4Pol2ME0C57bl6StdSig
  • wgEncodeLicrHistoneEsb4H3k36me3ME0C57bl6StdSig
  • wgEncodeLicrHistoneEsb4H3k27acME0C57bl6StdSig
  • wgEncodeLicrRnaSeqEsb4CellPapME0C57bl6SigRep1
  • wgEncodeLicrHistoneEsb4H3k4me3ME0C57bl6StdSig
  • wgEncodeLicrRnaSeqEsb4CellPapME0C57bl6SigRep2
  • wgEncodeLicrHistoneEsb4H3k09me3ME0C57bl6StdSig
  • wgEncodeLicrHistoneEsb4H3k09acME0C57bl6StdSig