Sample validation of ChIP-seq data

Description Sample validation of H3K27ac ChIP-seq data. For the test dataset, a validated H3K27ac ChIP-seq dataset in ES-Bruce4 cells generated by the Ren Lab for the ENCODE project was used. The test data was then run against all other H3K27ac data, as well as data from input controls and the mutually exclusive H3K27me3 mark. RefSeq TSSs were used as the feature list.
Anchor center
Bin start -2500
Number of bins 50
Bin size 100
Genome assembly mm9
Date created Oct. 12, 2016, 10:19 a.m.
Date updated Dec. 16, 2016, 1:56 p.m.
Feature list mm9_RefSeq_TSSs
Sort vector <none>
User datasets
  • ES-Bruce4 H3K27ac rep2
  • ES-Bruce4 Input rep2
  • ES-Bruce4 H3K27ac rep1
  • ES-Bruce4 Input rep1
ENCODE datasets
  • wgEncodeLicrHistoneLiverInputMAdult8wksC57bl6StdSig
  • wgEncodeLicrHistoneSpleenInputMAdult8wksC57bl6StdSig
  • wgEncodeLicrHistoneLiverH3k27acMAdult8wksC57bl6StdSig
  • wgEncodeLicrHistoneHeartH3k27acMAdult8wksC57bl6StdSig
  • wgEncodeLicrHistoneSpleenH3k27me3MAdlt8wC57bl6StdSig
  • wgEncodeLicrHistoneHeartInputMAdult8wksC57bl6StdSig
  • wgEncodeLicrHistoneSpleenH3k27acMAdult8wksC57bl6StdSig
  • wgEncodeLicrHistoneKidneyH3k27me3MAdult8wksC57bl6StdSig
  • wgEncodeLicrHistoneHeartH3k27me3MAdult8wksC57bl6StdSig
  • wgEncodeLicrHistoneKidneyInputMAdult8wksC57bl6StdSig
  • wgEncodeLicrHistoneKidneyH3k27acMAdult8wksC57bl6StdSig
  • wgEncodeLicrHistoneLiverH3k27me3MAdult8wksC57bl6StdSig